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Language of Bihar
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    Every one in Bihar talks a dialect. Each region has its own brand of vernacular. The different dialects are spoken by both the common people and rich educated classes. Hindi is only spoken as a common language by the people through out the state. Santhali is spoken by the Santhals. Bengali is used by the Bengalis, engaged in various professional occupations throughout the state. The Urdu is confined mostly to the towns. Magahi is the language of the country of Magadha, the districts of Patna, Nalanda and Gaya. It is also spoken in the district of Hazaribagh, on the west it extends to a portion of Palamu, and on the east to proportions of the districts of Munger and Bhagalpur. Of the Munda languages, Kberwari is the most important, it includes Ho or tribal language of Hos, Mundari, the language of the Mundas in the north and Singhbhum and Bhumij or the language of the Bhumij tribe. The Munda languages are spoken by many tribes in Chotanagpur and Santhal Paragans. Dravidian languages which are akin to Tamil and Telugu of south India are spoken by the aboriginal tribes in the same area.

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